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See our planet as you’ve never seen it before. A perfect relaxing trip away to help regain perspective and come back refreshed. While you’re there, take in some history by visiting the Luna 2 and Apollo 11 landing sites.

avg. distance

384,400 km

Est. travel time

3 days

01 Meet your crew
Anousheh Ansari


Douglas Hurley

Douglas Gerald Hurley is an American engineer, former Marine Corps pilot and former NASA astronaut. He launched into space for the third time as commander of Crew Dragon Demo-2.

03 Space launch 101
Launch vehicle


Launch Vehicle

A launch vehicle or carrier rocket is a rocket-propelled vehicle used to carry a payload from Earth's surface to space, usually to Earth orbit or beyond. Our WEB-X carrier rocket is the most powerful in operation. Standing 150 metres tall, it's quite an awe-inspiring sight on the launch pad!